Bowling League Manager
© Neil Warland
Team Scratch Series
Team NameSeriesWeek
Spare Me 135622
Quadrant Mowers 134022
Hit the Fan 130911
Mens Scratch Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Iain Rollings 75322
Andy Tuddenham 7403
Anthony Still 73818
Ladies Scratch Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Rowena Gallagher 5807
Liz Eyre 55820
Carolyn Kempson 48620
Junior Scratch Series
Team HDCP Series
Team NameSeriesWeek
Spare Me 150922
Quadrant Mowers 150822
Hit the Fan 14566
Mens HDCP Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Tony Hart 82022
Anthony Still 8049
Geoff Hill 79320
Ladies HDCP Series
Bowler's NameSeriesWeek
Liz Eyre 74420
Rowena Gallagher 7367
Carolyn Kempson 69916
Junior Handicap Series
Team Scratch Game
Team NameGameWeek
Spare Me 53822
Hit the Fan 48411
Wild Boys 47222
Mens Scratch Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Andy Tuddenham 2893
Anthony Still 28721
Shaun Grover 27922
Ladies Scratch Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Rowena Gallagher 2347
Liz Eyre 21122
Carolyn Kempson 18017
Junior Scratch Game
Team HDCP Game
Team NameGameWeek
Spare Me 58922
Hit the Fan 5436
Revivals 53622
Mens HDCP Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Shaun Grover 30822
Andy Tuddenham 3013
Ray Foreman 30022
Ladies HDCP Game
Bowler's NameGameWeek
Rowena Gallagher 2867
Liz Eyre 27122
Carolyn Kempson 25317
Junior Handicap Game
  Mens High Average
Bowler's NameAverage
Iain Rollings223.1
Anthony Still210.1
Andy Tuddenham205.4
Mark Woodcraft195.1
Dave Eyre194.9
Michael Hart194.7
Robert Hart191.2
Ladies High Average
Bowler's NameAverage
Rowena Gallagher164
Liz Eyre153.5
Carolyn Kempson137.4
Junior High Average
  Mens Most Improved
Bowler's NameImprovement
Michael Hart 14.7
Iain Rollings 12.1
Dave Eyre 7.9
Ladies Most Improved
Bowler's NameImprovement
Liz Eyre 4.5
Rowena Gallagher 3.0
Carolyn Kempson 2.4
Junior Most Improved
* Insufficient games played to receive prize